Landlord Representation

Sovereign Realty Group works with commercial property owners throughout Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan to lease vacancies within their portfolio. We understand the importance of keeping vacancies low and how it applies to the big picture. From a tenant morale perspective, a fully leased center allows co-tenants to thrive based not only on their own direct efforts, but that of their neighbors. From a property valuation standpoint, fully leased properties usually command a higher price if it is being sold on the open market. Sovereign Realty Group has often helped their clients to lease any vacancies, while planning for the ultimate goal of marketing the property for sale and maximizing value.

Sovereign Realty Group guides landlords through the entire campaign to find new tenants. The process begins with a competitive market analysis. With a background in construction, SRG can oftentimes advise a client on how to enhance the marketability of a property without a high level of expenditure. Once the property is ready to go to market, Sovereign Realty Group will use its marketing channels and network of qualified brokers to attract potential tenants. The remainder of the process involves choosing potential tenants that will provide synergy and traffic flow to the center.

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