Tenant Representation

Sovereign Realty Group works with clients in every aspect of tenant representation. We handle everything from market entry, expansion and surplus disposition.

For concepts looking to make an entry into the Long Island market, SRG, using its knowledge of target demographics, traffic patterns and localized consumer preferences, can advise tenants on the merits of each available site. Our comprehensive property ownership database can guide a tenant to the right location as well as the right landlord. SRG’s relationship with local landlords allows us the opportunity to find out about vacancies prior to their placement on the market, giving our clients an early look at a suitable location. Strong relationships with local zoning attorneys enable our clients to experience a more streamlined approval process within local municipalities.

For concepts looking to expand, Sovereign Realty Group has the ability to analyze the merits of each concept and match them with locations in a desired territory.

Sovereign Realty Group can also help clients with the marketing and disposition of their surplus locations. Services include assisting clients with lease assignments and/or negotiating lease buyouts with the current landlord.

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